Patient Record Management System for Dental Clinic

by | May 15, 2023 | Case Study | 0 comments

Project Overview:

The client is a dentist who runs a small dental clinic as a private practice. As he is also a visiting doctor in a few top hospitals in the city, his time in his own clinic is limited. He has to effectively manage his time and serve his patients. He wanted a mobile app that would serve as a CRM tool for him to quickly recall his patient details and follow up on appointments.


The budget was limited to develop a mobile app. So, we designed it as a mobile-friendly web application and optimized it for the doctor’s iPad screen. As per general dental practice, the doctor has to do the treatment in a series of appointments.


The solution developed was a web application built using the Laravel PHP framework. The software is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from the doctor’s iPad. The software is also integrated with a photo gallery, so that the doctor can take photos of the patient’s teeth and compare them to show progress or results.


The software is in use and has been a success for the client. The software has helped the doctor to improve the efficiency of his practice and to provide better care for his patients.


“I am extremely satisfied with the software. It has helped me to improve the efficiency of my practice and to provide better care for my patients.”


The patient record management system for dental clinic is a web application that has helped a dentist to improve the efficiency of his practice and to provide better care for his patients. The software is a valuable tool for any dentist who is looking to improve their practice.

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