E-Tender Software

A complete multi-company tender management system built in Laravel PHP Framework

Fully customize-able Tender Management Software

eTenderz offers a comprehensive online Tender Management System, catering to multiple companies and vendors. Developed using the robust Laravel PHP Framework, this software integrates the dynamic capabilities of VueJS to elevate user experience. It’s a full-scale solution designed for seamless management of online tenders, ensuring an efficient, user-friendly platform. Its architecture, grounded in advanced web technologies, provides a reliable and scalable system for diverse tendering needs, enhancing operational efficiency across various industries.


Built with Laravel

The web application is built with powerful Laravel PHP Framework. Laravel is developer friendly PHP Framework for making robust and secure web applications.

VueJS / TailwindCSS

For e-tender software, our development team used the power of VueJS to make the Front end.  Tailwind CSS used for front end.

Role / Permission Based

The software designed with UXD principles to allow the user with defined role and permission can do the tasks simply and effectively.

eTender Portal

The system design to run your own Multi-Company e-tendering system. The admin controls the portal and each registered company will have its own control panel. 

Multi Company Support

Any company can register in the system and request a bid/proposal or submit a bid. A separate registration form is designed for suppliers.

Product and Service Category

The software allows you to place tender for Products (Quantity ) based or Services ( Time/Duration) based. The category can be managed through Category Master control from the admin panel.

Browse By Category

The tenders are grouped by category and subcategory for easy browsing, search, and filtering.  The category has a sub-category for finer classifications.  The category system is fully customizable.

Supplier Registration

The supplier registration form gathers key inputs like the company info, key financial info, key contacts, tax info, and admin contact person.

Supplier Approval

Currently, supplier approval is a manual process. Once the for submitted the admin gets an email notification. He can visit the portal and check the application submitted and approve or reject.

Browse By Category

The tenders are grouped by category and subcategory for easy browsing, search, and filtering.  The category has a sub-category for finer classifications.  The category system is fully customizable.

Tender Builder Wizard

Tender creation is a complex project.  A well-crafted Wizard makes it easy to organize the data and prepare tender easily.

Pre-Bid Qualification

Defining the pre-bid Technical Qualification helps the supplier to understand the selection criteria clearly.

Technical Weightage and Commercial weightage

The software allows defining the commercial weightage and technical weightage in Percentage.  This helps the system to determine the winning bid.

Supporting Documents

When defining the tender, the officer can add the multiple supporting documents. All documents are available only after they Purchase the tender

Documents to be submitted

Clearly define the list of documents to be submitted by the bidder for the evaluation.

Custom Data Fields

It is easy to define the additional data fields that play a key role in tender evaluation. 

Key Dates

It is easy to define the additional data fields that play a key role in tender evaluation. 

Fee & EMD Info

The software allows to collect of the tender fees and also defines Earnest Money Deposit.

Frequently  Asked Questions

What is a Tender Management System?

A Tender Management System is a software application that automates and streamlines the process of managing tender requests, submissions, and evaluations. It facilitates the entire tendering process, from publishing tender notices to awarding contracts, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and compliance with regulations.

What is the need for Tender Management Software?

Tender Management Software is needed to manage the complex and often time-consuming process of handling tenders. It simplifies bid management, enhances transparency, reduces manual errors, and speeds up decision-making. The software also helps in maintaining a fair and competitive environment for suppliers and contractors, ensuring compliance with legal and organizational standards.

Who is a supplier in a Tender Management System?

In a Tender Management System, a supplier is an entity (individual, company, or organization) that responds to tender notices with an offer to provide goods or services at a specified price and terms.

How are suppliers registered?

Suppliers register through the system’s online portal, where they provide their company details, financial information, and other required documents. The registration process typically includes verification steps to ensure the supplier’s eligibility and compliance with the tender’s requirements.

Who is a bidder in an eTender System?

A bidder in an eTender System is essentially the same as a supplier. It is an entity that submits a bid in response to a tender notice. Bidders analyze the tender documents, prepare their proposals, and submit them through the eTender system for evaluation.

How is the winning bid selected in an eTender System?

The winning bid in an eTender System is selected based on predefined criteria such as price, quality, compliance with specifications, and the bidder’s track record. The system may use an scoring mechanism to evaluate bids, and the selection process is typically transparent, ensuring the best value for the tender issuer.

What are the deliverables for Online Tender Software?

Deliverables for Online Tender Software include the software application (Source Code as Git Repo), technical support, and software updates. Additional deliverables can include customization services, data migration, and integration with existing systems. We do free Installation also.

Who owns the code ?

The ownership of the code depends on the licensing agreement between the software provider and the client. In our case, we give it a commercial license for the use of one online/offline server. For white label license, contact support team.

Who owns the data?

The data generated and stored in the Tender Management System is typically owned by the client organization that uses the system. Data ownership and privacy are governed by the terms of the service agreement and relevant data protection laws.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, please contact the support team or fill out the demo request form.

Do you have a demo?

Certainly! We do offer a demo. To arrange for one, please get in touch with our support team, or you can conveniently fill out our ‘Book a Demo’ form.

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