User Experience Designing

Hire An Experienced
Ux Designer

A poor design will hurt the bottom line of your business. It is wise to hire an Experienced User Experience Designer in any software or app development projects.

Gegosoft is one of the leading User Experience Design Agency in Madurai, serving companies all around the world to translate their business ideas to user friendly software application, by applying standard human interaction design principles.


Digital products  –  websites, customer or internal facing tools and applications  -  create both intellectual and emotional responses from the users not only based on the way it works, but on how to looks and feels. The effect on the bottom line comes from whether the experience is a good one or bad one.


Investing in UX design has proved to be a game-changing strategy and affects business success in areas such as: increasing market share, customer retention & satisfaction, customer acquisition & support cost, development waste & efficiency, employee engagement and employee overhead & productivity.


At 24, we follow an iterative method that allows for continuous improvement, and is adapted based on the problem we’re solving. We interact with end users to build the unique combination of structure, content, and experience that accomplishes required goals in efficient ways.

Our Ux Design Services



We believe the best results require effective communication which is why we like to meet our clients face-to-face for a consultation.


Each design process includes extensive UX analysis using real customers of the product.



We have designed products for the military industry, the nightlife industry, truck drivers, sales people, office workers, travellers and many more.


We are always keeping track of and utilizing the world’s latest UI trends and principles.


Our extensive startup-experience means we’re not afraid to question the status quo and reconsider each detail and process.


We Provide User friendly website so that anyone can access easily.

Ux Design Process Methodology

Kick Off

Every project starts with a kick-off meeting where we agree the main principles of the project including design guidelines, time schedules, communication channels and people responsible on both sides.


During the prototyping phase we map out the product’s user journey and create an initial design prototype using Invision – an app for end-user testing.

User Testing

The design prototype will be tested on real users to determine whether it accomplishes the goals of the design project.

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