Chem Tracker

Chemical Invetory Software and Chemical Safety Label Priting & Tracking Solution

ChemTracker – Lite ERP
for Chemical Manufacturing Companies

ChemTracker is a web-based application that helps Industrial Chemical Manufacturing Companies to streamline their Inventory, Suppliers, Dispatch, Quality Control Processes, and audits. It also has tools to print Industry Standard Labels / Safety Stickers for Chemical products. The software uses QR Code / Barcode to track the key dates in the chemical life cycle.

System Highlights

Laravel + VueJS

The software is designed with a powerful Laravel Framework and the front end takes the advance of reusable Vue JS Components.

Powered by Laravel Nova

The software is designed with a powerful Laravel Nova Package. This makes the software more user-friendly and powerful. Nova also makes it Developer Friendly.

User Experience Design

Gegosoft team focused on User Experience Design while developing the product. The software is validated with real users in the chemical factories.

Key Modules

Material Master

Administrators can add materials including the Chemical Name, Chemical Code / Formula, Handling Instructions, Storing Instructing, Testing Instructions, Retest Date, CAS No, and UN Number. The material can be a Raw Material, Intermediate, or Final Product.

Quantity Units

Complex chemical manufacturing handles multiple quantity types like KiloLitres, Tonnes, Kilograms, etc., As admin, you can add your own units and manage them as per need.

Dispatch Management

The system support creation of Dispatch Entry. Any related labels can be printed for the Dispatch Item. Dispatch entry also includes the approval system and history of approval logs. The dispatch entry creation also checks for the Quantity and auto-create the batch number and QR tracking Codes.

Mails & Notifications

The system is designed with an Email, SMS, and Push Notification System.


The system supports multiple factories. Admin can create multiple factories and fill in the GST Details and Address Details.

Factory Units

A factory can have multiple factory units. A unit may handle/produce one or more chemicals. 

User groups

The system supports multiple user groups including Factory Manager, Factory Staff, Quality Control Manager, QC Staff,  Store Manager, and Store Staff.  There is also an additional view-only user group audit.

Roles and Permission

The system is designed with the Roles & Permission module. Admin can create the additional roles or assign/revoke permission as needed.


The supplier module helps you to organize the raw material suppliers. 


The customer module helps you store your Customer Data and carry out customer-related functions like Invoicing and Dispatching.

Label Templates

The system is designed to support any type of Chemical Label Standards. The labels can be added as an HTML template and powered by the dynamic fields.

Export and Data Backup

The system supports the Export to XLS option and the support to Data Backup. 

Source code & Licensing

The software is delivered as a commercial license for a single domain. The client will be given access to Git and their developers can fork, clone, and extend the software as needed.

Customization and Support

Gegosoft core development team is available for Customization & Additional module development. Please contact our support team for more details.

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