Multi-vendor Shopping Cart

Start a market place shopping cart website like amazon, flipkart, lazada, aliexpress with Gegocart.

A complete solution for multi-seller store

GegoCart software is structured to cater to the needs of the E-Commerce Industry.  Our Idea is to make it easy for developers to add a few features and also easy for developers to work on Cart or Catalog features and design

API & Admin App

Built with laravel, this serves as the base for e-commerce solutions.

Buyer App

Built-in VueJS & Nuxt, the SEO Friendly shopping cart solution

Seller App

Built with VueJS & Nuxt, serving the use cases for the seller


A NodeJS-based POS App, designed for a better seller experience.

Mobile App

Hybrid mobile app for real mobile commerce solution – Currently in development.

API First Design & Tailor-made App for Purpose


Gegocart is designed with the API First Design approach, which makes it easy to adapt for app development.


Gegocart is built with Laravel PHP framework and the Seller App and Cart App are built on NUXT JS


The Gegocart team is focusing on developing an e-commerce platform with a better user experience design.

Admin Panel Features

The Admin panel is designed to cater to the key site management functionalities and day-to-day administrative tasks for the E-Commerce Platform.

Manage Sellers

The main scope of the administrator panel in a multi-vendor shopping cart platform is to manage the sellers. The admin can register a new seller, or approve / un-approve the seller. With a single server can easily manage thousands of sellers.

Manage Subscriptions / Plan

Each registered seller is connected with a Subscription Plan. The catalog features such as the number of products and number of stores are based on the plan. The admin control panel has the controls to create and manage subscription plans.

Manage Settings

As administrator of the portal, you can effectively manage all the settings including the Seller Fee, Tax, Payment Gateways, Shipping Methods and Delivery locations. Admin can also manage SEO & Google Analytics related settings.

Manage Transactions

The money-related transactions between the seller and the platform administrator are the key design consideration in the multi-vendor e-commerce portal. Gegocart is designed with a virtual balance system for each seller and the orders, refunds, payouts, or settlements & commissions are handled as Credits and Debits.

Buyer App / Shopping Cart Features

The buyer App is scoped as a web application for guest users and buyers. A user can register and log in, search through the product catalog, add the product to the cart, and checkout. The buyer user also sees his previous orders and tracks the order status.

Key Features

  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Design
  • Modern homepage with Mega menu
  • Global Search for Products
  • Homepage Slider with auto scroll
  • Featured Products on the homepage
  • Category / sub-category based product browsing
  • SEO Friendly Product Detail pages
  • Permalink pages for Store and Seller
  • Product Detail page with Image Gallery
  • Product Image Zoom-in Option
  • Pin-code based delivery check
  • Stock / Out-of-Stock Information
  • Simple add-to-cart feature
  • Product Reviews and Ratings
  • Seller average review and ratings
  • Ask Seller a question feature
  • Add to wishlist feature

Seller App Features

Seller App is scoped to give needful controls for sellers to manage multiple stores. As a seller, you can create multiple stores, add categories and subcategories and manage the Product, Product Images, and Stocks. The seller also keeps updates on Orders and Shipping.

Key Features

  • User-friendly Dashboard Design
  • Search category-wise Products
  • Easily Access customer Details
  • Edit Profile Details
  • Add Product Details Easily
  • Displaying Latest product
  • Answer to Customers Question
  • Check / Update our orders
  • Set featured products
  • Pin-code based delivery setup
  • Access Stores Data to modified
  • Alert Product Out of Stock
  • Product Purchase Date and Store Details

Mobile App

Our Gegosoft team is working on developing a Mobile App for Buyers. We are developing this with React Native.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GegoCart ?

GegoCart – Multi-vendor shopping cart softwareGegoCart is a Multi-Vendor shopping cart software developed in Laravel PHP framework and NuxtJS. It is developed by GegoSoft and released as MIT Licensed Open Source Software.

What are the key features of GegoCart?

GegoCart was designed with the API First design approach. It has 3 Major Parts.

  1. Admin Panel – developed in Laravel
  2. Buyer / Public Shopping Website – developed in VueJS + NuxtJS
  3. Sellers Portal – developed in VueJS + NuxtJs

– The detailed list of features is available on GegoCart.com

Is it FREE? OpenSource?

Yes, the software is released as FREE Opensource under MIT License. All developers are encouraged to use it and extend it as needed.

Why this is FREE & OpenSource ?

It is our contribution to the fast & actively growing Laravel Community. As a web application development company, we do a lot of Custom Laravel Development. This is our give back to the community.

Do you provide Installation / Customization?

Yes, we do. We are planning to do custom development on GegoCart and also do the Installation & Template Integration Services.

How much the additional development will cost?

The cost of additional development is based on the requirements and efforts needed to develop that feature. Our pricing is around $12-$15 per man hour.

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