School Management Software to for Modern Schools

GegoK12 is a modern best-in-class School Management Software, crafted with Cloud Technology to effectively manage all School Operations and effortlessly communicate with Parents and Students through Mobile App.

Gego K12 - School Management Software


GegoK12 is completely automated school management software to enhance the reputation of the institution with a cohesive platform. GegoK12 is built with Laravel Web Framework on Amazon Web Services to streamline school operations with user-friendly features by transforming all conventional strategies into innovative insights. This school management software can be customized based on the needs and the requirements of the institution to elevate the school to ensure success by all means.

GegoK12 is a cutting-edge device for management, Teachers, Parents, and students. This innovatively refreshed tool would create a positive impression in a roundabout way to develop the school’s credibility and trust by providing simple and quicker correspondence with the school authorities and in turn, develops brand-building among the community

The Best Choice To Govern Academics And Administration

The Software for school management performs endless tasks by reducing human labor and streamlines the regular tasks. In GegoSoft, we aim to develop a Next Gen K12 Tool. This paperless organization is equipped with cloud technology hence holds a great deal of significant secret data of the school authorities discreetly and works smoothly out the normal errands. The administrative tools like fee reminders, mass communication, student database will be greatly helpful. Modules like classroom management, lesson planner, quiz builder, Assignment tracker etc will support the academicians /educators to enhance learning.

Powerful Add-ons

It is the right start for every school to be partnered with the GegoK12. It starts right from marking the attendance till posting of home assignments to the parents directly to the parent’s mobile app with cloud-based paperless technology. The other important highlights are Auto syncs calendar, Exam scheduler, Report card generator, Scheduling of online video classes, Personalized Chartroom to channelize the communication and much more for transforming the school.

The various key modules available are library management system, inventory/IT asset management, payroll management, Transport management system. The separate application for Parents, teachers, students, admin and library  will ease out the process to work efficiently.

Mobile App for Parents

The parents will be connected forever with the school despite visiting school physically using the Mobile app where all the notifications and the information will be synchronized in the mobile apps to access any information anytime anywhere.

Web Portal for School Teachers

Teachers can plan and organize their schedules just with the multipurpose tool.

Web App for School Admin

This tool will simplify the tedious work of the admin staff and will increase their efficiency levels by concentrating on the core tasks.

Web App for School Library Management

The librarian can organize and maintain the library in an efficient manner using the digitalized methods.

Web App for School Students

The students can easily communicate with the teachers and get real-time feedback to elevate their learning habits.

Web App for School Reception

Easily manage the address book, visitors, communication records with a powerful web application designed especially for school reception.

The satisfying reasons to implement school management software

  1. To gain parents trust
  2. Increases the enrolments
  3. Bridges the communication gap between the school authorities and the parents
  4. Focuses more on teacher outcomes  
  5. Strengthens the admission process
  6. Amplifies productivity
  7. Boost transparency between parents
  8. 24/7 access
  9. Generate reports
  10. Saves time and energy

The School Is Incomplete Without The School Management System

GegoK12 is the best School Management Software to offer a wide variety of customized services to educational institutions. This integrated solution will set a benchmark for the schools to withstand amidst the competitors. 

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