The School Management Software That Powers Modern Education

GegoK12 is a modern best-in-class School Management Software, crafted with Cloud Technology to effectively manage all School Operations and effortlessly communicate with Parents and Students through Mobile App.
GegoK12 - School Management System

GegoK12: The Modern, Cloud-Based School Management System That Helps Schools Go Paperless and Improve Communication and Efficiency

GegoK12 is a powerful school management system that can help you improve your school’s efficiency and effectiveness. With GegoK12, you can:

  • Track student attendance: GegoK12 makes it easy to track student attendance with a variety of features, including online check-in, automatic notifications, and reporting.
  • Manage student grades: GegoK12 provides a powerful grade book that makes it easy to track student progress, assign grades, and generate reports.
  • Store student records: GegoK12 stores all student records in a secure, centralized database. This includes grades, attendance, contact information, health information, achievements, teacher remarks, and parent communication.
  • Communicate with parents: GegoK12 provides a variety of tools to help you communicate with parents. These tools include a messaging system, a calendar, and a feedback system.


Student Information Management System

GegoK12 provides a central repository for all student information, including academic records, attendance records, and health records. This information can be easily accessed by teachers, administrators, and parents.

Classroom Management System

GegoK12 provides a variety of tools to help teachers manage their classrooms more effectively. These tools include grade book management, lesson planning, and student behavior tracking.

Communication and Collaboration Tools for Schools

GegoK12 provides a variety of tools to help teachers, administrators, and parents communicate and collaborate more effectively. These tools include email, messaging, and file sharing.

Accounting and Payroll For Schools

GegoK12 provides a comprehensive suite of accounting and finance tools to help schools manage their finances more effectively. These tools include budgeting, payroll, and accounts payable.

HR Software for Schools

GegoK12 provides a comprehensive suite of human resources tools to help schools manage their employees more effectively. These tools include recruiting, onboarding, and performance management.

Alumni Software for Schools

GegoK12 is a valuable tool that can help schools to build strong relationships with their alumni. By using alumni module, schools can stay in touch with alumni, invite them to events, and track their donations. This can help schools to raise money, build a strong alumni community, and create a lasting legacy.

School Management System – List of Modules / Features

School Calendar Management System

  • School calendar
  • Events
  • Photo gallery

School Classroom Record Management

  • Student records
  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Behavior Records
  • Ranks & Achivements

    School Library Management System

    • Catalog books and other resources
    • Track circulation
    • Lend and return books
    • Late Fee

    Homework / Assignment

    • Assign homework and assignments
    • Track student progress
    • Provide feedback

    Timetable Management

    • Create and manage student timetables
    • Optimize class schedules
    • Avoid conflicts

    Student Promotions

    • Promote students to the next grade
    • Track progress
    • Generate reports

    School Reception / Front Office Module

    • Manage school reception
    • Answer calls
    • Greet visitors
    • Provide information

    Academic Year

    • Manage academic year
    • Track progress
    • Generate reports

    Student Information Management System

    • Student records
    • Contact information
    • Medical history
    • Emergency contacts

    Searchable Student Records

    • Easily find student records
    • Search by name, grade, or other criteria

    Student Fee Management System

    • Pre-define fee headers
    • Fee Notification
    • Fee Receipts
    • Fee Reminders

    Disciplinary Records

    • Track disciplinary records
    • Manage student behavior
    • Provide support

    School Magazine and Journal Publishing

    • Create and publish school magazines and journals
    • Share with students, parents, and staff

    School Inventory Management System

    • Track inventory of supplies and equipment
    • Order and receive new items
    • Maintain records of usage

    Media Library (Image, PDF, Audio & Video)

    • Store and share images, PDFs, audio, and video files
    • Create and manage media galleries

    Exam Scheduler

    • Schedule exams
    • Send reminders to students
    • Track student performance

    Integrated Calendar

    • Combine school calendar with personal calendar
    • Stay up-to-date on all events

    School Notice Board Management System

    • Post announcements and news
    • Share with students, parents, and staff

    School Bus / Transport Management System

    • Track bus routes and schedules
    • Manage student transportation
    • Communicate with parents and students

    School Alumni Management System

    • Connect with former students
    • Share news and events
    • Stay up-to-date on alumni accomplishments

    Export / Import Student Data

    • Easily export and import student data
    • Share data with other systems

    Teacher / Staff Records

    • Track teacher and staff records
    • Maintain contact information
    • Manage employment history

    Notice Board

    • Post announcements and news
    • Share with students, parents, and staff

    Mark Entry

    • Enter student marks
    • Track progress
    • Generate reports

    Grading System

    • Create and manage grading system
    • Assign grades
    • Calculate GPA

    Report Cards

    • Generate report cards
    • Share with students, parents, and staff

    GegoK12 School Management Software: The Modern, Cloud-Based Solution for Your School

    GegoK12 is a powerful and flexible school management and ERP solution that can help schools of all sizes go paperless and improve communication and efficiency. With its comprehensive suite of features and customization options, GegoK12 is the perfect solution for schools that are looking for a modern, cloud-based solution to manage their operations.

    Here are just a few of the benefits of using GegoK12 School Management Software:

    • Improved student outcomes: GegoK12 can help schools improve student outcomes by providing teachers with the tools and resources they need to be more effective. For example, GegoK12 can help teachers track student progress, provide personalized learning, and create engaging lessons.
    • Reduced costs: GegoK12 can help schools reduce costs by automating many of the manual tasks involved in school administration. For example, GegoK12 can automate tasks such as attendance tracking, gradebook management, and report generation.
    • Increased efficiency: GegoK12 can help schools increase efficiency by providing a centralized platform for managing school operations. This can help schools save time and money by eliminating the need for multiple systems and software.

    If you are looking for a modern, cloud-based school management and ERP solution that can help your school go paperless and improve communication and efficiency, then GegoK12 is the perfect solution for you.

    GegoK12 is a cutting-edge tool for management, teachers, parents, and students. This innovatively refreshed tool would create a positive impression in a roundabout way to develop the school’s credibility and trust by providing simple and quicker correspondence with the school authorities and in turn, develops brand-building among the community.

    To learn more about GegoK12 School Management Software, please contact us today.

    The Best Choice To Govern Academics And Administration

    The Software for school management performs endless tasks by reducing human labor and streamlines the regular tasks. In GegoSoft, we aim to develop a Next Gen K12 Tool. This paperless organization is equipped with cloud technology hence holds a great deal of significant secret data of the school authorities discreetly and works smoothly out the normal errands. The administrative tools like fee reminders, mass communication, student database will be greatly helpful. Modules like classroom management, lesson planner, quiz builder, Assignment tracker etc will support the academicians /educators to enhance learning.

    Powerful Add-ons

    It is the right start for every school to be partnered with the GegoK12. It starts right from marking the attendance till posting of home assignments to the parents directly to the parent’s mobile app with cloud-based paperless technology. The other important highlights are Auto syncs calendar, Exam scheduler, Report card generator, Scheduling of online video classes, Personalized Chartroom to channelize the communication and much more for transforming the school.

    The various key modules available are library management system, inventory/IT asset management, payroll management, Transport management system. The separate application for Parents, teachers, students, admin and library  will ease out the process to work efficiently.

    Mobile App for Parents

    The parents will be connected forever with the school despite visiting school physically using the Mobile app where all the notifications and the information will be synchronized in the mobile apps to access any information anytime anywhere.

    Web Portal for School Teachers

    Teachers can plan and organize their schedules just with the multipurpose tool.

    Web App for School Admin

    This tool will simplify the tedious work of the admin staff and will increase their efficiency levels by concentrating on the core tasks.

    Web App for School Library Management

    The librarian can organize and maintain the library in an efficient manner using the digitalized methods.

    Web App for School Students

    The students can easily communicate with the teachers and get real-time feedback to elevate their learning habits.

    Web App for School Reception

    Easily manage the address book, visitors, communication records with a powerful web application designed especially for school reception.

    The School Is Incomplete Without The School Management System

    GegoK12 is the best School Management Software to offer a wide variety of customized services to educational institutions. This integrated solution will set a benchmark for the schools to withstand amidst the competitors.

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    During the demo, we will cover the following topics:

    • Student information management
    • Attendance tracking
    • Class scheduling
    • Assessment management
    • Communication with parents and students
    • Reporting

    We will also answer any questions you have about our software.

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    A Comprehensive Guide to School Management System

    A Comprehensive Guide to School Management System