Success Through Innovation

The growth strategy of GegoSoft is to develop multiple Strategic Business Units (SBU) and find capable leaders for each SBU and empower them with a passionate team.

GegoSoft Strategic Business Units

Technology, Leadership, Team’s Focus, Domain Expertise and the Project Experience are the key baselines to define our strategic business units. Even through we are not a large team, still organizing ourselves as a SBU helps us to focus and innovate.

Saas Development

GegoSoft’s experienced SaaS developers are ready to implement your project ideas and roll out them as sellable SaaS Application

Team Size: 12 Developers (including 4 UX Developers )

Experience: More than 20,000 Hrs of project development experience.  Completed 5 SaaS Applications to market

Domain Expertise: CRM, Project Management, Accounting, Billing, Analytics

Technology Stack: AWS, GitLab, Ngnix, Redis, MySQL, Laravel, Laravel Forge, Amazon SNS, MailChimp, Paypal, Stripe, Google Tag Manager, 

Blockchain Development

GegoSoft is a growing blockchain development company with a key focus on Web 3 technologies. Currently, our team actively working on the Avalanche Blackchain-based tokenization project and cryptocurrency exchange development.

Team Size: 3 Developers (including 1 Smart Contracts Developers)


  • Completed 3 centralized cryptocurrency – fiat exchange platform
  • Currently developing one tokenization project 
  • Currently developing one web3 identity-based Dapp.
  • Currently working on the NFT portal

Domain Expertise: Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, KYC Solutions, AML Solutions, NFT, Decentralized Exchange.

Technology Stack: Web 3, React JS, Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Solidity Smart Contract.

Digital Marketing

GegoSoft is an experienced team of professional digital marketers. Our team started as SEO / SEM company and expanded our expertise in App Marketing. & App Store Optimization. Recently we partnered with digital marketing experts in ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) and IEO ( Initial Exchange Offering ).

Team Size: 3 Executives


  • Handled more than 75 App Promotion campaigns
  • Actively managing 20+ websites /blog

Tools / Expertise: Google Analytics, Bing, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Adwords, SEM Rush, Ahref