Supplier and Bidding Process – Explained

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In the realm of procurement and contracting, the steps involved in the supplier and bidding process are pivotal for a transparent and fair tendering system. This guide provides a detailed overview of the process in passive voice, underscoring the systematic procedures and actions undertaken from a supplier’s registration to the final award of the tender.

Initiation Phase

Supplier Registration

Registration on the platform is mandated for suppliers, with the completion of the necessary registration form being required.

Validation and Categorization

Verification of Supplier Information

A manual offline validation of the suppliers’ details is conducted, followed by the assignment of specific categories based on business specialization, and login IDs are issued accordingly.

Tender Participation

Accessing Qualified Tenders

Qualified tenders are made accessible to suppliers in their respective categories upon logging into the platform.

Tender Engagement

Fee Payment and Document Accessibility

For comprehensive tender information and document access, a fee is required to be paid by the suppliers.

Document Examination

Upon payment, complete access to all tender documents is granted to the suppliers.

Interaction and Clarification

Query Submission Window

Suppliers are provided with a designated period during which they can submit queries about the tender.

Addressing Supplier Queries

The tendering company responds to the suppliers’ queries, either directly or through revisions on the platform.

Bidding Process

Bid Preparation and Submission

Compliance with tender requirements is ensured as bids are prepared and submitted by the suppliers.

Evaluation and Selection

Bid Assessment

The tendering party conducts a manual evaluation of the bids, focusing on technical and commercial aspects.

Finalizing the Tender Award

The highest-ranking bid in the evaluation process is selected, and the tender is awarded to that supplier


This guide encapsulates the crucial stages of the tendering process, highlighting the passive actions performed within this framework. It serves as an informative blueprint, delineating the methodical approach to tender management. This process not only ensures efficiency and fairness but also fosters a competitive and transparent environment in the procurement sector.

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