New School Management Software for Indian Schools

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New school management software Gegok12. GegoK12 is SaaS developed by GegoSoft focusing on automating the School Operations, improving School-Parent-Teacher Communication, and serving as a Modern-day Cloud ERP for School.

Gegok12 supports all Indian Schools including CBSE, matric, and state board. For a safe, fast, and intelligent operation, Gegok12 released India’s Best School mobile application and integrated school administration software.

Gegok12 Modern School Software

Gegok12 -A Futuristic educational operating system:

Gegok12 is a CLOUD-based school administration system including administrative, academic, learning management, Mobile Application for Parent Teachers, Online classes, Video calls and communication capabilities.

It provides a wide range of online services, from admission to alumni, fee management to bus tracking,

Attendance to results reports, e-circulars to webinars, Online Class to Video chat, an operational dashboard to extracurricular management, ID Card printing to Certificate creation, and so on…

 Gegok12 is a smart management system for schools:

Gegok12 School Management Software combines the smartest technology to give schools a revolution that improves the experience and productivity of all stakeholders, including the principal, management, teachers, administration staff, students, and parents.

Learn online class successfully Gegok12:

In fact, good live teaching is a significant process of education. This platform makes e-learning simpler. The school can effectively manage the online class with the gegok12 school system. Students can always and anywhere connect to an instructor using the mobile app.

Online Class Video Learning:

E-learning is an innovative platform that enables teachers to design online classes, host digital content for classes, arrange projects, videos, audio files, and offer feedback to students at a given location to answer questions that are clearly stated.

Customize your Mobile Education in Gegok12:

Get your school’s mobile app for parents:

Parents can track their Children’s classroom behavior using your institution’s own dedicated and branded Mobile App.

The most crucial thing for a parent to do is maintain contact with his or her child’s school in order to obtain essential information.

The Gegok12 Mobile App is a one-stop destination for all of your demands.

Parents receive notices, circulars, fees dues, assignments, exam results, and other alerts on a real-time basis.

Gegok12 Modern School Software

Parent-Teacher Connection at School:

It is easier to communicate with the school and vice versa now that parents and schools can send and receive messages. The level of the assignments has improved.

Teachers can quickly assign homework or assignments to kids at school. Students can get it via their app while on the go.

Assignments also include an attachment feature.

Features that enable parents to receive immediate updates about announcements, circulars, Attendance reports, fees due, assignments, exam results, and other important information.

Gegok12 Online methods :

Through the Gegok12 teacher’s Online feature, the teacher may create assignments, assign them to student groups or individual students, and track their progress.

On the dashboard, the teacher can examine his or her own performance, as well as numerous graphs and displays of important data and communication.

The entry notifications are highlighted.

Manage your School from your Mobile:

Gegok12 Fast accessibility of the online class utilizing the teachers’ app:

The use of an online teaching app for mobile study is becoming widely attractive. Due to severe difficulties, students are unable to access their lessons. The online class app allows students to easily connect to video classes. Login credentials are not required. Students can connect right away by just clicking the notification in the parent app. Parents can also look over the recorded classes to see if there are any additional questions or explanations.

Learn more about the Best Gegok12 Education ERP with a Learning Management System:

Gegok12 School Software

Admin Login:

Log in as an administrator to manage users.

stay updated on Reports generated by the school.

Analyze data, download information, and collect fees.

Management Login:

Login as management to determine the section.

Fee Payments Can Be Tracked

Manage student data and access reports.

Teacher Login:

Send Notifications to Teachers

Make homework assignments and keep track of student attendance.

Produce Report Cards

Organize online classes

Exams, timetables, and more…

Parent Login:

Log in as a parent to receive notifications.

Examine the report cards

View the Student Attendance Chart


View online Classes

Attend Online Exams, among other things…  

Lesson Plan:

Lesson planning is an important step in creating a structured strategy for students at various institutions. This necessitates visualizing the upcoming week’s plan and timetable in order to deliver lectures to students on time. This will take a lot of time and effort on the part of the teacher.

Time-Table Management:

Gegok12 School ERP enables colleges to quickly create various timetables, saving time and effort in the administrative process. Creating timetables, allocating proxy periods, and tracking faculty timetables is a breeze with our School Management System.

The timetable is rapidly communicated to all students, parents, and teachers in the institute after the administrative staff has revised it. In our School ERP, we’ve even gone a step further to give you a wow factor.


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Student Time-Table:

A student can view their respective class timetable on their mobile application, which is established by an institute on the system. They have the ability to view their student’s schedule in their School Parent App as a parent. The School-Parent App shows the weekly schedule.


Timetable for the Classroom:

You may receive an overview of all the class periods for that particular date by using the Classroom view Time-Table. This functionality enables administrative staff to view the daily timetable and substitute class in the School Mobile App if any faculty member is on leave.

Library Management System:

Gegok12 School Management Software seeks to give customers a platform to increase their pupils’ literary potential by building a School Library Management System tool.

Gegok12 School Bus Gps Tracking System: 

With the Gegok12 Transportation Module, you can keep track of all of your school vehicles that transport students to and from school in a quick and responsible manner.

We provide a comprehensive School Bus Gps Tracking System that is placed in all school buses and allows school administrators to follow the whereabouts of the vehicles using their smartphones. Parents can also use the Gegok12 School Mobile App to track their child’s school bus, which uses Gegok12 GPS to show the bus’s current location.

Accounting software for schools: 

Finance is critical to the proper functioning of any institution. In any firm, managing daily monetary transactions is an essential task. While technology helps you plan, monitor budget expenditures, control money flow in and out of your institute, and regulate earnings, our Gegok12 School ERP makes it easy to manage all of these operations.

Gegok12 School Management Software is a useful tool for efficiently and effectively handling monetary transactions.

Features of School Management Software:

Easy User Interface (UI): Our school administration software’s user interface is very simple to use, allowing different people to manage and perform various activities without difficulty.

Easiest ERP to Learn and Use: Our school ERP has been intended to be incredibly simple to learn and use for all stakeholders.

Multi-User Functionality: Because each module of our school administration software has its own set of capabilities, many users in a single module can utilize and access data without difficulty.

Cloud Communication: When data is saved and maintained on decentralized databases, data security and recovery is not assured. Our school administration system, as a result of the cloud, allows you to store enormous amounts of data while also giving additional benefits such as reliability, mobility, backup, and quick speed.

Educates and empowers your IT department: As a comprehensive tool, our school administration system enables instructors and IT departments to manage and save vital records, eliminating the need for pen and paper. This saves a large amount of time that could be better spent on other significant priorities.

Our Gegok12 goal is to support schools with high-quality modern technology and online school ERP software. We intend to transform the school ERP domain and make it easier for all entities to communicate successfully, including students, parents, teachers, principals, and school management.

Gegok12 recognizes the possibility of finding answers to the problems that the school and parents face. Our highest level products are designed to help schools overcome obstacles and develop good schools into exceptional schools.

If we follow a truthful, ethical, and innovative approach, we are convinced that our unique school administration system will be suitable for purpose in the next few years.

Education is the foundation and base of human life. Our Gegok12 learning solutions are not only helpful in creating the foundation but are always deepening the roots of education. We establish a student army for this society and strongly support the aim of Digital India.

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