HYIP Investment Plan Builder

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In HYIP Script, the admin can set the Investment Plan based on his business model. The software allows the admin to create any plan based on the following key variables. The investors select the plan and make the investment.

Six key variables that define an Investment Plan

Deposit Amount Range:

Minimum and Maximum Amount the member can invest in a plan

Interest Calculation Frequency:

The frequency of Interest Calculation like Yearly, 6 Months, 3 Months, Monthly, weekly, Daily, or Hourly. An interesting variant to Daily is on Business Days only like MONDAY to FRIDAY.

Interest Rate:

The interest rate for the deposit amount. In some cases, the interest rate may vary on a daily basis as set by the admin.

Interest Calculation Model:

Simple Interest or Compound Interest

Maturity Period:

Number of Days / Weeks / Months / Year for maturity.

Deposit Return:

Yes or No. Some plans give only interest, there is no option to set the deposit back. In these cases, the interest rate will be high & frequency will be long enough to cover profits.

Example Use Cases

Forex HYIP:

The hyip business that focuses on Forex Market runs Daily Interest Plans and it run only on Monday to Friday.

Crypto Mining HYIP:

The HYIP Business that run crypto mining, focus on Hourly Interest Plans and mostly won’t give the deposit back.

Crypto Exchange HYIP:

The HYIP Business based on Crypto Exchange focus on Daiily Interest Plans.

Oil Market HYIP:

The HYIP Business that focuses on Oil Market mostly used long-term plans with Monthly Interest Options.

Gold or Metal Market HYIP:

The HYIP Businesses that focus on the Gold or Metal markets or Stocks mostly focus on Weekly Interest.


HYIP Software is designed with a powerful Investment Builder Tool. You can start your own HYIP website by using the software. The Investment Builder Tool of the software allows the admin to customize any Investment Plan with the flexibility of six key variables.