B2B Marketing Automation

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B2B marketing automation is a low-cost, scalable method of streamlining your marketing efforts by outsourcing repetitive tasks. Marketing automation reduces human error and thus improves the efficiency of a marketing team, from email marketing to social media to ad campaigns.

5 B2B Marketing Automation Strategies You Can Implement Right Now

  • Lead Scoring
  • Automated Email Sequences
  • Chatbots for Answering Lead Questions and Directing Them to Relevant Resources
  • Self-Nurturing Content
  • Trigger Marketing

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a point-based system that quantifies the value of a lead based on engagement factors such as pages visited, content downloaded, and emails opened.

Granting each lead a numerical score enables you to identify which ones are the hottest, so you know which ones need your attention the most, permitting your marketing team to prioritize their outreach.

HubSpot is a perfect example of a B2B marketing automation platform that provides effective lead scoring. For example, HubSpot’s Predictive Lead Scoring Software collects data throughout the entire user experience, allowing you to fine-tune your outreach.

The HubSpot platform aggregates your customer context in one place, from the relevant first page viewed to the most recent deal closed and everything in between. Utilize that whole context with lead scoring to reach the right kind of people at the right time.

Intelliflo, a UK-based business management software company, is one B2B brand that uses HubSpot’s lead scoring software. So, for example, if a lead visits their website and clicks on “Book a demo” or “Find out more,” or if they download Intelliflo’s eBook, the information will be the tool for obtaining points.

Automated Email Sequences – B2B Marketing Automation

In terms of email, generally, six out of ten B2B marketers (59%) convey it is their best revenue-generating channel. However, many marketers need help with timely follow-up with leads and getting the right kind of email content to them. Automated email sequences greatly solve this problem by allowing you to perfect your outreach at scale.

Cross-border e-commerce software company Zonos, which uses Reply.io, a multi-channel sales engagement platform, is an excellent example of a company using automated email sequences.

Reply.io is used by Zonos to “reach out to potential partners at scale” and “systematically keep in touch with their partner network.” Zonos, in particular, uses Reply.io to streamline its outreach while keeping it ultra-personalized and constantly scaling.

It helps make their marketing team’s lives much easier by allowing them to contact prospects and channel partners proactively rather than manually.

Chatbots for Answering Lead Questions and Directing Them to Relevant Resources

According to a study, the top 28% of companies use chatbots and other forms of AI in their marketing. One of the most practical ways to use chatbots is to answer lead questions and actively direct them to helpful resources on your website. Rather than going through actual people, this top method allows you to provide leads with the information they require instantly and around the clock.

MobileMonkey, an omnichannel messaging platform, provides a simple, user-friendly tool that allows B2B companies to create a fully customized chatbot available 24/7. You can use it to make a chatbot funnel, allowing you to efficiently answer your leads’ questions and direct them to the product or information they require.

If you discover that your team is constantly bombarded with the same questions, creating a chatbot like this is an excellent solution. As well as, with 74% of people preferring to use chatbots to find simple answers, it can significantly impact your customer experience.

Self-Nurturing Content – B2B Marketing Automation

An excellent average B2B lead will spend considerable time researching your product. Even so, if they’re going to invest, they’ll wish to learn everything they can about you, including your product’s features, benefits, UVP, and so on, to guarantee they make the right decision.

Aside from that, many leads will want to learn more about your industry in general and will turn to your content for information. Creating self-nurturing content is one way to facilitate better research and effectively nurture leads while essentially putting the process on autopilot.

Establishing self-nurturing content leads to researching and learning at your own pace while receiving an endless stream of personalized content. It’s similar to going down the rabbit hole on YouTube or Netflix.

Trigger Marketing

With marketing automation software, they carry out a task in response to an event, most often an action taken by a prospect or customer. They say that a “trigger” can be anything you can measure with your CRM, such as specific pages viewed, the number of pages viewed, and form conversions. The concept here is to configure your site so that leads are shown relevant content whenever they take a specific action.

HubSpot can get hyper-relevant marketing content in front of leads using trigger marketing, which helps them build trust and, as a result, increases the likelihood of a conversion.

Final Thoughts

B2B marketing automation has been a game changer for many businesses, allowing them to accomplish much more and provide a better customer experience with few human resources.

To accurately measure, one study discovered that marketing automation reduced marketing overhead by 12.2 per cent while increasing sales productivity by 14.5 per cent.