Why to use the latest version of WordPress?

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Open Source | 0 comments

Most of the WordPress users are reluctant in updating their WordPress to the latest version. They might be used to or assuaged with the version of WordPress they are presently using. If you are in this list you must know that this is not best practice. You must always use the latest version of WordPress. Updating WordPress is very important for your website. It is also better to know why to use the latest version of WordPress.


WordPress is presently the most familiar CMS and powers almost all the websites. Because of its growing familiarity WordPress has always been a target for hackers.

Every user knows that WordPress is open source. So anyone can have access to its code. The main purpose for this was to permit users to constantly try to improve WordPress. Since hackers can get access to the code, they could search for ways to break into WordPress websites.

WordPress has consistently tried to ameliorate its security; the WordPress core is secure. Security experts around the globe study the code and report security bugs / fixes. WordPress takes these security reports seriously and core WordPress team works instantly to release an update that fixes the issue.

In case if you don’t use the latest version of WordPress. If you are utilizing an older version, then chances are that you might be a victim of a hacker. Hackers wholly exploit the vulnerabilities of themes and plugins as well. So it’s good choice to update the themes and plugins as well.


WordPress developers are improving the speed of WordPress. With latest release you get many improvements in the performance of WordPress that make it run so faster. This in turn would ameliorate your website load time and maximize your SEO efforts.

New Features

These WordPress features would enhance your experience and could also assist you manage your website in a much quality way.


Without updating your core WordPress, your updated themes and plugins may not work effectively. In certain cases an update can break your existing WordPress plugins if they weren’t following the best practices and coding standards. 

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