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In GegoSoft, our journey started as a PHP Web Development Company. As we grow we focus on Mobile Development & Blockchain Development. But still, web development drives 80% of income.

We often asked the questions like why we use PHP?, and Is PHP Still Relevant in 2021? Here are the compelling reasons, why we still advocate PHP for Web Application Development.

Easy to Learn

As a startup company based in a tier two city like Madurai, the choice of technology and availability of trained programmers is the key to success. PHP is easy to learn the language. With clear documentation and a lot of tutorials available, it is the go-to choice for us. We developed a training program for web development and hired freshers. Within 3 months, they were ready to work in product development.

Open Source & Community Support

PHP is the free-to-use Open Source software. Most of the libraries and plugins developed in the PHP eco-system are also open source and licensed for free to use. The PHP community is most active and constantly working on developing the quality, scalability, and security of the software. In recent times, the core developers in PHP are working towards code readability and consistency for ease of use. The recent PHP 8 release had a warm welcome in the community.


The development tools for PHP in the market are mostly open-source and free to use. This makes the project cost lesser. No need to buy an expensive IDE or framework.

Laravel Framework

There are more than 40+ PHP frameworks are available. But our go-to choice is the Laravel framework. We are using laravel for the last 5 years and our experience makes it easy for us to build products easily.

WordPress CMS

WordPress has been our choice of CMS. As a WordPress development company, we find WordPress as the most powerful content management system. We use WordPress for our own websites and we develop WordPress sites for our clients too. It is easy to get started with WordPress and it has a small learning curve.

If you are looking for an experienced PHP Web Development company for you next project, please feel to contact our support team. We are happy to give free consultancy and quote.

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