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Launch Your MLM Business with Our Best Network Marketing Script!

Customizable MLM Software for Network Marketing and Direct Selling.

Are you looking for a reliable, customizable MLM software to power your network marketing and direct selling business? Look no further! Our software is designed to streamline your business processes, helping you to increase profits and reach new heights. With powerful features and cutting-edge technology, our MLM software will take your business to the next level.

Heroic Features of Matrix MLM Software

Matrix MLM software is a powerful tool that can help network marketers reach their goals faster. With its built-in features and capabilities, this software can make your business more profitable and efficient. From automated lead generation and customer tracking to commission calculations and rewards programs, Matrix MLM software can help you reach your full potential as a network marketer. Here’s a look at some of the heroic features of Matrix MLM software that can help you succeed in the network marketing industry.

Mobile First UI Design

Matrix MLM Software is proud to offer an intuitive and user-friendly Mobile First UI Design, enabling user-friendly experiences on any device. Our mobile-first approach ensures that every user, regardless of their device or platform, can access their data and make decisions quickly and easily. From intuitive interface design, to intuitive navigation, to user-friendly features, Matrix MLM Software puts the user experience first.

Self Hosted White Label Solution

Take control of your MLM business with our Self-Hosted White Label Solution. With no need to worry about updates, maintenance, or scalability, you can focus on growing your business while our software ensures your success. The complete Data Ownership & Code Ownership is always with you.

Multi-Currency / Payment Gateway Support

Matrix MLM Software offers powerful support for multiple currencies and payment gateways, allowing you to easily manage global payments from anywhere in the world. With our robust payment gateway integration, you can quickly and securely process payments without any hassle.  The software also supports Cryptocurrency Payment through CoinPayments / NowPayments ( Supported more than 120+ Crypto, ERC20 Tokens, Stable Coins )

Modern Technologies

At Gegosoft, we are dedicated to developing a Matrix MLM Software that takes advantage of the most recent advancements in computer science and technology, such as Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency, Serverless Solutions, and Cloud Computing. Rather than creating yet another inexpensive MLM software that relies on traditional server technology, we are determined to migrate and redesign existing solutions to these modern technologies.

Built With

Reactive Laravel Apps with the TALL stack

Matrix ML Software is Built with Tailwind, Alpine.js, Laravel, and Livewire. A full-stack development solution, built by Laravel community members.

Compensation Plan Builder

Modern day MLM Businesses demand the inovation in the compensation plan.  Our compensation plan builder (also termed as MLM Plan Buider) is based on the set of proven network marketing business models. As a MLM Business master mind, you are powered to build your own compensation plan by combining and defining the params and limits.

Membership Plan ( Free / One Time Fee / Subscription)

Defining of compensation plan starts with defining the membership model. The most common membership models are FREE Membership, One Time Fee ( Package Fee ) or Subscription ( Monthly or Yearly ).  As MLM Business owner you can set your entry criteria.

Referral Commission & Level Commission

The key param that defines the success of any MLM Compensation plan is its commission structure. The most common commissions are Referral commission and level commission. The compensation builder allows you to define commission up to 12 levels.

Rewards, Ranks, Titles & Leaderboard

The success of any MLM Business is mostly depends on its key members who play major role in recruiting & network building. Over the time, the MLM industry has come up with rewards programs that recognize the hard work and reward them suitably. As MLM Business planner, you can define your own ranks, titles and rewards.

Sales Bonus, Recruitment Bonus & Achievement Bonus

The common bonus are Welcome Bonus ( starter bonus), level up bonus, sales bonus, promotion bonus, recruiter bonus. Apart from the standard bonuses, the MLM Admin can define any bonus including Car, House, Travel, Vacation & Gold.

MLM Matrix Plan ( Binary , M x N Forced Matrix, Uni-level, Liner)

Binary Network is the most common and widely used one. The software readily supports M x N forced Matrix, Binary Matrix, Liner and Uni-level system.  The next version will include the support of Board Matrix, Cyclic Matrix and Australian X-UP System.

MLM Point System ( PV, GPV, BV, CV)

Defining the point system for MLM Business is key success parameter. As a MLM Business Architect you can define the point system. The point system plays important role in sales and is the key for calculating bonus, rewards, promotions and titles.

Network Genealogy Tree

Presenting a clear and easy to access / navigate genealogy tree make the system more meaningful and useable. The genealogy also lets you know the inactive members and users gets insights to do business with motivation and reach sales targets and grow networks.

Dynamic Compression

As business grows the MLM networks see lot of inactive persons. A dynamic compression algorithm is needed to clean up the inactive members and make the network in-tact and connected.

MLM Recruitment Tools

The growth of network marketing system is depended on its ability and robustness in recruitment. It should be easy for a  MLM members to recruit new users under his downline.  We built powerful tools to help MLM recruitment process.
Referral link & Cookie

The classic old referral link & cookie play a key role in recruitment process. Typically we set a 365 Days cookie.

Social Share & Social Media Post Scheduling

The software built-in with tools to share the referral link in social media and tools to schedule the posts for impact marketing.

Video Marketing & Content Aggregators

Keep up the influence in your leads by sharing rightful contents and powerful videos.

Replicating Website

Members are provided with a theme-able and customize-able replicating web site that helps to promote the program.

Invitation Mails & SMS

Simply import your address book or phone directory and blast a inviation to join.

Influencer Outreach Email Campaigns

Influence your leads with prefectly crafted the infleuncer out reach email campaigns.

Distributor Back Office Tools

The success of the MLM Software is depended on its robust back office tools. The back office is serving as a tool, data sheet and report card for the distributor. Our design team crafted the distributor back office with graphical rich charts & graphs, searchable data tables, insightful widgets and actionable tools.

E-Wallet System

Keep up the influence in your leads by sharing rightful contents and powerful videos.

E-Pin System

Keep up the influence in your leads by sharing rightful contents and powerful videos.

AML, Security & Complaince

MLM Industry has seen a lot of scams and legal issues. To overcome the legal challenges MLM industry pioneers suggested best practices in terms of Security and complaince.  With invent of crytocurrency and internation trade, it is mandatory to adhere to AML ( Anti-Money Laundering ) complainces.

Two Factor Authentication ( 2FA)

To ensure the correctness of the access and transaction authority, the software implemented 2FA.

Transaction Password & OTP

A combination of Transaction Password and One Time Password is been the currently recommended industry best practice.

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