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Our team of experienced software developers can help you create the first version of your digital product. We will work with you to launch a function-first, minimum viable product of your business model for validation.

Why MVP ?

MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is a development technique in which product developers focus on creating the most basic version of a product in order to get feedback from potential customers. This feedback can then be used to continue developing the product and make improvements. MVP allows product developers to test their ideas, gather customer feedback, and make changes quickly and efficiently. It also helps to ensure that the product meets the needs of the target market.

  1. 1. MVP allows businesses to quickly test their product ideas with minimal resources.
  2. It helps to get feedback from potential customers and make necessary changes in the product.
  3. MVP allows startups to focus on building the most important features that customers need.
  4. It reduces the cost of development and risk of failure by allowing companies to launch early and often.
  5. MVP helps to gain insights into the market before investing in a full-scale product launch.
  6. It allows startups to validate their assumptions about their product and pivot quickly if needed.
  7. MVP helps businesses to better understand their customers and make better product decisions.
  8. It allows startups to quickly and iteratively build the product based on customer feedback.
  9. MVP helps startups to optimize their product for the market, saving time and resources.
  10. It allows businesses to measure the success of their product and make necessary changes to improve it.
Identify Core Values

Identify Core Value

By using MVP development, you can simplify and reduce your product concept to the most basic features. This will help you to identify the main benefit of your product.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate Risks

You can test your prototype on real customers and use their feedback to make changes to your offering early on, which will help to prevent needing to do any rework in the future.

Starts Quickly

Start Quickly

The longer you take to develop your product, the greater the risk of a competitor beating you to it. MVP allows you to give your customers a great experience right from the start.

Save Times & Resources

Save Time & Resource

Product development can be both time-consuming and expensive. With MVP development, you can quickly adapt to your customers’ needs and avoid wasting time and money on rework.

Test Business Models

Test Business Model

By developing faster, we can take the time to evaluate business processes and make necessary improvements, as well as getting rid of any doubts about the requirements of the end-user.

Engage with End User

Engage with End Users

You can launch your product quickly with reduced time to market, allowing you to engage and build relationships with your customers from the start.

Services We Offer As Your MVP Development Company

MVP Consulting, Strategies and Market Researches

MVP Consulting, Strategy and Market Research

Our business analysts can provide consultation for your minimum viable product. As your MVP app development company, we ensure that your product is suitable for your business plans. Additionally, we conduct market research and develop an optimal strategy.

MVP Developments

MVP Development

We have developers to create both the front and back end of your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). In addition to MVP developers, we also have expert UI/UX designers to make your product more interactive and engaging, even with its minimal features.

Tech Stack for Building Minimum Viable Product.

The success of MVP is contingent upon the selection of the Technology Stack. The choice of tech stack must be made carefully, depending on the availability of human resources, external libraries or open source packages. The tech stack should ensure rapid development and scalability in the future. Our selection of tech stack is based on the product’s feature set, the libraries and reusable components we have, and the expertise of our development team.

Tech Stacks for Building MVP

Steps We Follow In MVP Development

Discovery Phase

Deliverables: NDA, Market Research Report, Minimum Feasible Features List for V1, MVP Roadmap

Estimated Time: 1 Week

Resources Involved : Domain Expert, Business Analyst

The discovery phase is an important step in the MVP development process in the software industry. This phase allows software developers to identify the problem that their proposed solution will solve, identify the target market for the product, find potential competitors, and determine the minimum feasible set of features that must be included in the MVP. By understanding the competitive landscape and the needs of their target market up front, software developers can ensure that their MVP meets the needs of their users. Additionally, understanding the competitive landscape can help developers anticipate the features that are necessary to differentiate their product and make it competitive.

Project Scope

Deliverables: Product Scope Document, Project Plan, Product Wirerame, UI for main screens

Estimated Time: 1 -2 Weeks

Resources Involved: Domain Expert, Business Analyst, Project Manager, UI/UX Designer

The development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) requires a crucial step in the software development process, which is the MVP Scope Development Phase. This phase begins with the appointment of a project manager, who is responsible for overseeing the entire development project, creating a timeline, assigning tasks and resources, and ensuring the project is completed in accordance with the established timelines and milestones. The information gathered in the Discovery Phase is studied to determine the scope of the product, and the features are translated into easily tracked backlog items. In addition, UI/UX guidelines and wireframes for the entire workflow are developed.

Agile Product Development

Deliverables:  Working Product Released in every sprint (1 week)

Estimated Time:  8-10 Weeks

Resources Involved: Full Team

In the Agile MVP Development phase, the primary objective is to create a working application or software based on the backlog item. On a weekly basis, the team sets a goal to release an internal version with functioning code. This application is tested internally by the team and stakeholders to ensure correctness of functionality and user experience.

FeedBack gathering

Deliverables:  Working Product Released in every sprint (1 week)

Estimated Time:  2-6 Weeks

Resources Involved: Full Team

The key process in MVP Development is gathering feedback, where the product team collaborates with the testing team, stakeholders, and trial product users to acquire their responses. The feedback is then examined in team meetings and transformed into backlogs, allowing for agile development to proceed.

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