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Mobile App Marketing – What is it?

In recent years, smartphones have largely replaced desktops. More and more opportunities exist today, which can dramatically change the way businesses deliver and access their services and products. A mobile app allows you to target your customers. Every day, thousands of apps are launched on app stores, but most are never downloaded and some are deleted by users. App marketing is key to success.

“User-Friendly Mobile Application and Personalized Marketing lead to massive success.”

It’s all about ranking. Both the Google Play Store and the App Store follow a power law. Popular apps dominate the App Store and Google Play Store. There is a rule that says 99 and 0.01 apps dominate each store.

It is crucial to take advantage of strategic methods that generate more app installs and to offer engaging solutions to customers after they have downloaded your app to beat this rule and beat your competition. With our mobile app marketing services, we can help you rank higher in the app stores and get a higher ROI.

Our agency is ranked among the top cross-channel, cross-platform app marketing firms worldwide, so you can leverage our expertise to supercharge the growth of your mobile app. What makes the entire process work?


App Marketing Packages


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Detailed App Review
Keyword Research Report
Competitive Research Report
Initial Baseline Ranking Report
App Title Optimization
App Images Optimization
App Keyword Optimization
App Description Optimization
App Dashboard Customization
Article Writing 1 2 4
Press Release Writing 1 1
Press Release Submission
Blog Writing 2 6
Blog Submission 4 10
Review Post Writing 10 20 25
Article Submission 5 10 15
Review Submission 5 10 15
APK File Sharing 5 10 20
Social Bookmarking 10 20 30
App Video Submission 15 30 45
App Video Promotion 3 6 10
Monthly Performance Activity Report



Services for marketing mobile apps

After a mobile app is successfully developed, it must be marketed and promoted. As part of our app marketing services, we offer consulting, strategy, acquisition, and engagement advertising for converting more target users. Hire us as a mobile app marketing company and gain some of these benefits:



We offer marketing consultations for applications

To help businesses understand app promotion and ASO, we provide app marketing consulting services. As a result of our unique marketing strategy, we can create marketing solutions that deliver successful outcomes.


Enhancing App Store Optimization

Search engine optimization increases the visibility of the app in an app store. You will be more visible to potential users if your app ranks higher in search results. So it can rise to the top and gain more installs, we ensure that the app meets the store’s guidelines and ranking criteria.


Engagement with Apps

In addition to creating content for your welcome and features pages, we can also help you create content for push notifications, in-app messages, and other features of your app. To understand user behaviour, we collect feedback from users and analyze data associated with the app, such as a number of likes, shares, and visitors. By modifying our approach, we can increase marketing value.


A Prelaunch Marketing Campaign for Apps

After auditing your app and researching your target users and competitors, we create a prelaunch marketing campaign for your app. With our early start-up service, we create a website for your app, create a blog, connect with users by email, and create buzz through social media.


The Acquisition of App Users

Our user acquisition team designs a tailored strategy for your app. We market to users using mobile ads, banner ads, social media, press releases, emails, native ads, ASO, and video ads. Our strategy is refined by measuring the number of downloads and the install rate.


Monetization of Mobile Applications

Through our in-app advertising and ad mediation platform, we help businesses maximize their revenue from their apps. Adding header bidding to your app will give you the best of both worlds: keeping control over who will advertise on your app. Direct, programmatic advertising is also possible.

Mobile App Marketing: Why should you do it?

It is very difficult to get your app discovered in the crowded market of over 2.5 million apps in the iTunes store and almost 3 million in the Google Play Store. Using our mobile app marketing services, we can help you differentiate your app from the competition and increase downloads and customers.

App Marketing: How does it work?

In mobile marketing, specific marketing strategies, advanced tools, and personalized campaigns are used to advertise the application to the intended target audience. Promotion of the app should begin before its development has even begun. App owners face unique challenges such as knowing the difference between downloads and users, understanding rankings as well as targeting problems. Here are three main factors that determine the success of a mobile app:

App Rank – App Store Optimization allows app developers to achieve higher rankings on app stores. The goal is to increase organic searches and downloads by optimizing the app description and title for keywords.

Acquisition Rate – Increasing the number of downloads and increasing the user acquisition rate requires creating a balance between organic and paid campaigns. Minimizing cost per install can be achieved by doing this.

User Retention – In order to calculate retention, we count the number of times a user returns to an application after their first session within three months. To increase retention, you need to engage users more actively.

app-marketing (2)

Marketing of mobile apps at different stages

It is challenging to attract users’ attention, build their trust, and meet their expectations in the app marketing arena. Mobile app marketing takes several forms.

Ad-acquisition for mobile apps

Getting users to use an app is the first step toward its success. Advertising via social media, search ads and promoting your app on the app store all fit into this category.

Mobile App User Activation- Users must be activated in order for the app to work 

It is important to have an effective messaging strategy to remind users when and how to use your app. It can be done through push notifications and in-app messages.

App User Retention- Maintaining app users is important. 

 Keeping your users engaged is a key factor in calculating the lifetime value and determining app success. Write special content, send discounts, provide incentives, and provide feature messages.

Gegosoft: Why Use Us for Your App Marketing?

Known for its mobile app marketing expertise. We are well-known in the industry. We are ASO experts and marketing strategists who can help you execute a flawless application marketing campaign. We hope these reasons will convince you that you need to hire our app marketing and ASO services:

The marketing of custom apps

Whether you are developing an iOS app, Android app, or gaming app, we will develop a multichannel marketing campaign that works for you.

Marketers with expertise

To increase installs and generate ROI, we create ASO and localization campaigns that drive your bottom line and ROI.


Services of the highest quality

With our quality app marketing services, we handle everything from app UX and UI design to pre-launch campaign planning to promotion and user engagement.

Affordable Solutions at Best Prices

Our decades of experience, insight and cutting-edge technology have helped developed many successful stories. Now you can become one of them.

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