Laravel + Nuxt JS + Vue JS – Based Multi-vendor Shopping Cart Software

What is GegoCart?

GegoCart - Multi-vendor shopping cart softwareGegoCart is a Multi-Vendor shopping cart software developed in Laravel PHP framework and NuxtJS. It is developed by GegoSoft and released as MIT Licensed Open Source Software.

What are the key features of GegoCart?

GegoCart designed with API First design approach. It has 3 Major Parts. 

1. Admin Panel – developed in Laravel

2. Buyer / Public Shopping Website – developed in VueJS + NuxtJS

3. Sellers Portal – developed in VueJS + NuxtJs

– The detailed list of features is available in

Is it FREE? OpenSource?

Yes, the software is released as FREE Opensource under MIT License.  All developers are encouraged to use it and extend it as needed.

Why this is FREE & OpenSource ?

It is our contribution to the fast & actively growing Laravel Community. As a web application development company, we do a lot of Custom Laravel Development. This is our give back to the community.

Do you provide Customization?

Yes, we do. We are planning to do custom development on GegoCart and also do the Installation & Template Integration Services.

How much the additional development will cost?

The cost of additional development is based on the requirements and efforts needed to develop that feature. Our pricing is around $12-$15 per man hour.